Kikoy Pareo

My product is a kikoy which is hand-loomed and manufactured from 100% cotton and backed by a thin toweling layer on the reverse side.  It comes in a palette of five vibrant colours as well as a pastel range consisting of 7 gorgeous irresistible shades.

100% hand-woven butter-soft cotton one side with a thin layer of absorbent toweling on the reverse side, making for a totally multi-functional product with the following uses.

  • Beach/pool towel.  The thin layer of toweling on the reverse side of the kikoy provides a drying functionality that a normal kikoy does not have.
  • Light and thin enough to double-up as a sarong when using it at the beach as a beach towel and a space saver when you are packing that beach/picnic basket.
  • As a throw on your couch or as a runner on your table, slotting in as part of your lifestyle décor.
  • In Winter, a wrap or scarf as the toweling layer provides the warmth and comfort around your body.

The Kikoy Pareo takes multi-functionality to another level and is by default ‘the’ perfect gift option for anyone and everyone.

There is a colour in our range to suit old and young, male or female, children, adults, granny’s and grandpa’s. 

It is also that gift that you should store a couple of in your gift cupboard for those occasions where you  need a gift but don’t have time to go and scouer around.  It will save your day!